The September 2012 Ruling by the COURT of SPECIAL APPEALS of MARYLAND




Which Reverses the ruling by the lower Circuit Court of Maryland

Rejoice City of Praise

Victory Is Ours!!!

 This is the Opinion From the Court of Special Appeals

The Six Unholy, Ungodly, Self-Appointed Rogue Employees have already put their spin on this document.

Apostle Betty taught us not to take anyone’s word but to get the facts for ourselves. Knowledge Is Power.

It’s important to note when reading this document and attempting to understand what the court is saying, that the term Summary Judgement  means a decision can be made without a trial.  It is interesting to note that the 6 rogue employees partitioned the court to have Pastor Joel and Chairman Meadows to pay for their court costs.  The court denied that and instead they ordered the Six Unholy, Ungodly, Self-Appointed, Rogue employees to pay one-third of the court costs.   Hmm!  Didn’t see that coming.

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Jericho City of Praise: A 10,000 seat sanctuary with 40 People

               June 2, 2013 WORSHIP SERVICE UPDATE:

 Ever wonder what the Jericho City of Praise worship service under the leadership of the six UnGodly, Self-Appointed, Rogue Employees looks like one year after firing Pastor Joel and excommunicating the leaders & members?  Well Saints wonder no more. This is what you get when the Janitor, the Bookkeeper and the church Secretary do a hostile take over of the things of God.  

Below is a copy of an email recently sent to the UnGodly, Self-Appointed, Rogue 6.   

To:  Clarence Jackson, Dorothy Williams, Denise Killen,

         Clifford Boswell, Gloria MaGruder, Linda Pyles

The link below shows a clip of your service from June 2, 2013. The sanctuary at Jericho City of Praise seats 10,000 people, there are 40 people in the building. This is morally reprehensible and a reflection of your inability to run, build or grow a church. Unless God himself ordains it no one will follow Barbara Colvin-Etheridge, Rodney Walker or any other hireling.
Can you six still claim that this is what Apostle Betty Peebles wanted.  Her vision was to have a 10,000 seat church for 40 people. It’s ok to admit you are wrong and repent .
God grows whatever he sanctions. We have been at Roosevelt High School and run out of space. We are at Forestville High School and in the first week exceeded your congregation for a month combined. The reason is simple we are only concerned about people not going to hell for eternity and not our egos or playing church. We are not concerned about growing a mega church. Lives are at stake for eternity and you all want to play church, fatten your own pocketbooks and use man-made efforts to grow something that is clearly dead, dying and defunct. it is time to admit you are wrong and do what is right.
The entire community should be outraged to see what has transpired. The Jericho City of Praise now has 40 people in the building because you six want to utilize the church to enrich yourselves personally. Shame on you.
Jericho June 2, 2013 4 of 4
         The hostile takeover of Jericho by the Six UnGodly, Self-Appointed, Rogue employees has temporarily given them millions of dollars worth of property and millions of dollars in the bank. These six don’t care if the church grows or not, they are not in danger of losing any property because everything is paid in full, the church is not dependent on tithes & offerings to pay the bills.  All they have to do is pay the bills because they have plenty of money. The “cash only” parking for the redskins stadium along with the monthly rent taken in at the Jericho warehouse park provides ample ‘Mad Money’ for them. Michael Freeman can’t claim he is helping out this church because Jericho has more money than his ministry.

3 other pictures from the Jericho service:

Jericho June 2, 2013 2 of 4 Jericho June 2, 2013 3 of 4 Jericho June 2, 2013 4 of 4
There are two things in the future… good and evil… what you see is what you bring into your present.

Below,    are pictures from contrasting worship services at the City of Praise Church, under Pastor Joel R. Peebles & Co-Pastor Ylawnda Peebles


Men responding to the word at the 10:00 a.m. Father’s Day message at Roosevelt Senior High School in Greenbelt, MD 



155 159 178

Our newly added 8:00 a.m. worship service at the 

Forestville Academy in Forestville, MD

a011 a023 a030 a040
To the Six UnGodly, UnHoly, Self-Appointed, Rogue employees:

Matthew 6:19-21    King James Version (KJV)

19 Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon earth, where moth and rust doth corrupt, and where thieves break through and steal:

20 But lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust doth corrupt, and where thieves do not break through nor steal:

21 For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.

City of Praise 2013 Praise In The Park

The 2nd Annual City of Praise – Praise In The Park


   was held on Sunday June 9, 2013 at 10:00 a.m.  This event was held outdoors at the Lake Arbor Golf Course in Mitchellvile, MD.  This City of Praise event was well attended with a crowd in excess of 1500 members and visitors. The weather was great, God held back the rain and the heat and provided a glory cloud for us that day. Our surprise guests that day was “CoCo Brother” Cory Condrey & wife Joann Rosario Condrey. They have always been strong supporters of Pastor Joel and our ministry. Many members and their friends brought their tents, lawn chairs and grills and made a day of it in the park. The praise service was awesome, the after party was even better.

When God is in it, there is no limit.

110 204 226

Our praise was lead by Minister John Peebles, our MC was Comedian Kasaun Wilson, and our featured artist Outreach 24/7, Vashawn Mitchell and Anthony Brown were spectacular.


Minister of Music John Peebles,

Outreach 24/7

143 183 208

Anthony Brown


Vashawn Mitchell

280 309 312 347

Our Pastor, Joel R. Peebles Sr. with First Lady & Co-Pastor Ylawnda Peebles556

355 358 404 447

“CoCo Brother” Cory Condrey & recording artist & wife Joann Rosario Condrey.

459 493

There was Laser Tag, Moon Bounce, Video Game trailers & much much more!!

504 561 568 578 582

585 614 631

The most fun of the year with our family, food and fun for everyone.

*  A special shout out to Brother Aaron for keeping the power running for us and Brother Raymond for providing the great pictures.

Praise in the Park: A Pre-Father’s Day Celebration

   The City of Praise 2nd Annual Praise in the Park Service

                          A Pre-Father’s Day Celebration

         this Sunday June 9th starting at 10:00 a.m.

                                         Special guest:

               “Coco Brother”- Corey Condrey & Joann Rosario Condrey,

    Gospel Artist: Vashawn Mitchell and Anthony Brown

                    Gospel Go-Go group Outreach 24/7


                       Comedian Kasaun Wilson


                                               Don’t miss it!                  Don’t be late!!

 A City of Praise Family Ministries event you won’t want to miss

The most fun of the year with your family, food and fun for everyone.

              1401 Golf Course Lane – Mitchellville, MD 20721

National Media picks up the story of The City of Praise

As we approach the one year anniversary of Pastor Joel’s firing and the excommunication of our long-term Board, leaders and members our story has garnered national attention.  Roland Martin and TV One did a great segment on Washington Watch with Roland Martin about our Church and Pastor Joel.  One point to note is that the church officials mentioned in this story are a group of employees and ex-employees lead by the janitor, church secretary and book-keeper.  What’s really interesting is that there were no interviews or video footage from the six crooks. Why? Because they have less than 100 people there on Sundays and they are ashamed to let the world see how they have devastated the body of Christ.  The six rogue employee crooks have turned Jericho into a “Rent-A-Center” because they can’t generate God’s Move on their own. Their website uses old footage from when the congregation was there and advertisements from functions held there by other congregations to make it look like there are a lot of people there.  They recently started airing old sermon’s of Pastor Joel showing a large congregation trying to trick people into thinking that they are growing and that we came back. They even put out commercials on the TV begging people to come. Come to what?   Sorry crooks, God ain’t having it. They have been uncovered.

Apostle Betty and Elder Joel

Click on the picture above to see the video

Why Are We Called The City of Praise Church?

Many have asked why we call ourselves The City of Praise.  The best person to answer this question is the one who changed the name of the church from Jericho City of Praise to The City of Praise, Apostle Betty P. Peebles

After the death of Elder John Peebles,  Apostle Betty said during a 2005 New Years sermon, that she was changing the name of the church from Jericho City of Praise to The City of Praise.  So, why have these six self-appointed, unholy, ungodly, rogue crooks  who say they are carrying out her wishes refuse to do this?  They fought against it after she died, they refuse to change the signs, they refuse to support the name change.  They claim that they are keeping with her vision.  How?  You be the judge as to who is actually carrying out Apostle’s vision. Apostle Betty and Elder Joel


Legal Update: On the members Records Case and the Articles Case

The Legal Update on our two cases filed by the members against the Six Ungodly, Unholy, Self-Appointed, Rogue Crooks:



  The Records Case:

  • This is the case where the members have requested the financial records of the church. The 6 employees have repeatedly refused our request which is against the law.
  • Our lawyers sent subpoenas to all of the banks.  The crooks tried to block us from getting the bank records.  On 3/7 we went to court and their attempt to block us was DENIED!   VICTORY!   GOD is in Control!
  • Trial May 29th -30th

The Articles Case:

  • This is the case that says that the 6 unelected, ungodly crooks were never elected as trustees by the congregation
  • The motion to vacate that Judge Jackson allowed the six employees to file delayed our case 21/2 months.  The new date is April 26th. This is clearly a stall tactic. This is the second motion on the same issue which was denied by another judge.
  • These delay tactics have caused us to lose faith in the judicial system.  Our faith is in God!