National Media picks up the story of The City of Praise

As we approach the one year anniversary of Pastor Joel’s firing and the excommunication of our long-term Board, leaders and members our story has garnered national attention.  Roland Martin and TV One did a great segment on Washington Watch with Roland Martin about our Church and Pastor Joel.  One point to note is that the church officials mentioned in this story are a group of employees and ex-employees lead by the janitor, church secretary and book-keeper.  What’s really interesting is that there were no interviews or video footage from the six crooks. Why? Because they have less than 100 people there on Sundays and they are ashamed to let the world see how they have devastated the body of Christ.  The six rogue employee crooks have turned Jericho into a “Rent-A-Center” because they can’t generate God’s Move on their own. Their website uses old footage from when the congregation was there and advertisements from functions held there by other congregations to make it look like there are a lot of people there.  They recently started airing old sermon’s of Pastor Joel showing a large congregation trying to trick people into thinking that they are growing and that we came back. They even put out commercials on the TV begging people to come. Come to what?   Sorry crooks, God ain’t having it. They have been uncovered.

Apostle Betty and Elder Joel

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Why Are We Called The City of Praise Church?

Many have asked why we call ourselves The City of Praise.  The best person to answer this question is the one who changed the name of the church from Jericho City of Praise to The City of Praise, Apostle Betty P. Peebles

After the death of Elder John Peebles,  Apostle Betty said during a 2005 New Years sermon, that she was changing the name of the church from Jericho City of Praise to The City of Praise.  So, why have these six self-appointed, unholy, ungodly, rogue crooks  who say they are carrying out her wishes refuse to do this?  They fought against it after she died, they refuse to change the signs, they refuse to support the name change.  They claim that they are keeping with her vision.  How?  You be the judge as to who is actually carrying out Apostle’s vision. Apostle Betty and Elder Joel


Legal Update: On the members Records Case and the Articles Case

The Legal Update on our two cases filed by the members against the Six Ungodly, Unholy, Self-Appointed, Rogue Crooks:



  The Records Case:

  • This is the case where the members have requested the financial records of the church. The 6 employees have repeatedly refused our request which is against the law.
  • Our lawyers sent subpoenas to all of the banks.  The crooks tried to block us from getting the bank records.  On 3/7 we went to court and their attempt to block us was DENIED!   VICTORY!   GOD is in Control!
  • Trial May 29th -30th

The Articles Case:

  • This is the case that says that the 6 unelected, ungodly crooks were never elected as trustees by the congregation
  • The motion to vacate that Judge Jackson allowed the six employees to file delayed our case 21/2 months.  The new date is April 26th. This is clearly a stall tactic. This is the second motion on the same issue which was denied by another judge.
  • These delay tactics have caused us to lose faith in the judicial system.  Our faith is in God!

Judge allows the six Self-Appointed Rogue employees to file a motion which delayed the Ex-Parte hearing for two weeks

Pastor Joel speaks to a reporter outside of the court-house today after leaving Judge Dwight Jackson’s courtroom, where the six unelected, self-appointed, rogue board members delayed the Ex-Parte hearing scheduled for today for two weeks.

apostle, Joel & bobby

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The Red Hot Facts about the takeover attempt of our church, see the two articles below

                      A Red Hot Inconvenient Truth

         about the Jericho City of Praise Take over attempt


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    Please Join With Us in Prayer – See and Know the Facts

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The Supreme Court of Maryland, The Maryland Court of Appeals has spoken!

Attention City of Praise Members:


       Hot off Of Press!!

The Maryland Court of Appeals (a seven judge panel), agreed with the decision from the Maryland Court of Special Appeals.


          Rogues Denied!!

Hot Off the Press

On October 26, 2012  not long after the Maryland Court of Special Appeals reversed the decision of the lower court. The Six Self-Appointed Rogue employees filed an appeal to the Supreme Court in Maryland.  Well the Ungodly, Unholy six employees kept telling their supporters that Pastor Joel and Chairman Meadows did not win anything with the court of special appeals decision, lol.   If that were true, then why did they immediately file an appeal??
They attempted to tie up this case in the court system for another 4-5 years by filing an appeal.    But God!!
On Tuesday January 22, 2013, the Maryland Court of Appeals, the supreme court in Maryland has agreed with the Maryland Court of Special Appeals and has denied the Petition for Writ of Certiorari entered by the six Self-Appointed, Rogue employees.  This means that the Court of Appeals of Maryland (the highest court) will not even entertain the thought of looking at their case.  The court said that they saw no issue that would make them think an error occurred when the Court of Special Appeals overruled Judge Dwight Jackson. It said that he was wrong in giving the six Self-Appointed Rogue employees their summary judgment. They agreed that there was sufficient evidence to show that Pastor Joel was in fact a member of the Board of Trustees all the time.
Recap:  So now you have the two highest courts in the State of Maryland, more than ten Honorable Judges stating that they do not see any reason why there should have been a Summary Judgment against Pastor Joel Peebles and Chairman William Meadows. 

There is too much evidence that support Pastor Joel!

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Pastors Michael & DeeDee Freeman your back door plan to get our church ain’t gonna work.  Don’t measure for drapes.  Jericho is not yours, never meant to be yours and it was never for sale.

We Will Be Back!

Click Here to view the document:   MD Supreme Court decision – Jan 22, 2013