About Us: People of Praise Maryland

                                   We are Warriors! We are Many!

praying-hands-over-bible-small41.jpgWe are devoted to the word of God.    We love the Lord and we are the 99% of the Jericho congregation that did not have a voice.  We are exercising our first amendment rights in the church that Jesus died for, the church that Bishop James and Apostle Betty Peebles stood for and their living son Bishop Joel R. Peebles Sr., has been attacked for.  We are members of the body of Christ, filled and led by the Holy Spirit, taught and nurtured by the Late Bishop James Peebles and Apostle Betty P. Peebles. We are operating out of the branch of Zion at the City of Praise Church in exile and we are supported by many other saints.

3 thoughts on “About Us: People of Praise Maryland

  1. WE stand on the Word of GOD through Praise. We also stand with the Congregational Letter by the Spirit for Spirit, as we Spiritually walk in Iron Shapping Iron.
    With the Present, Power and Glory of God. As God turn wrong into right for the kingdom of God……..Set His Children upon the Glory Cloud to Believe………To GOD BE All The Glory

  2. My name is Tyrell Dunn, I’m a 25 years old saved, Holy Spirit filled young man. I’m a member and attend the First Baptist Church of Glenarden under the covering of Pastor John K Jenkins Sr and the leadership. As a boy, I used to go to the City of Praise back in the day with my grandfather. I remember some of the teachings of Apostle Betty as a young boy. She spoke many great and wise words into my life as a child. To hear of the events that have occurred over the years with Bishop being kicked out and other well-known pastors having some say in his leaving, it has left my heart in a place of discuss. For them to do the evil things they did to Apostle, they fired her son, took possession of the financial assets and Landover edifice. THESE THINGS BELONG TO GOD. Apostle Betty has always been about helping others in the community and beyond. The hundreds of millions of dollars that they could be using to help the sick and less fortunate with, they use it on themselves. GREEDY SPIRITS have taken over this ministry. Then they brought in another pastor, just so they can quickly fill up the seats of the building every Sunday. I’ve been up in that place recently and the atmosphere is dead and dry. The presence of the Lord has left there. You know why, because the true saints have moved along with Bishop and First Lady Peebles. God dwells within the saints. Therefore when two or more are gathered in His name, He dwells in the midst. 2015 is about to be an abundant year for this ministry. I’m praying for the City of Praise church family. Also my prayers go out to the false board of trustees at Jericho, God loves them too. I pray God delivers them from their greedy ways and restores this ministry and the hearts and minds of those who have been affected by all of this. Lord, this is the year of restoration. Restore your people. Forgive us all for the wrong we have committed knowingly and unknowingly. Give your saints at the City of Praise a heart to forgive and to keep moving forward. Hear our cry and dwell within our lives daily in JESUS name. Amen. Love you guys

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