Letters sent from the Six Self-Appointed, Ungodly, Unholy, Rogue board of thieves to Pastor Joel

Letter sent to Pastor Joel R. Peebles from the Six Ungodly, Unholy, Self-Appointed, rogue, employee thieves, about the New Years Eve service dated December 29, 2011

Page #2

Pg 2 of letter from illegitimate board

—————————————— end ——————————————————–

Letter dated January 5, 2012 – (Disrespectful Intimidating Letter exposed)

5 thoughts on “Letters sent from the Six Self-Appointed, Ungodly, Unholy, Rogue board of thieves to Pastor Joel

  1. First of all an apologist is one who defends the faith. We must as a body stay united in word, in thought and in deed. God is a just and righteous God. During praise and worship make sure you come to the alter for unified prayer. Make sure you show love to your fellow brothers and sisters, the devil does not want to see that, because he knows that love concurs all! Everybody needs to bring somebody to church on each Sunday, because we must all work to continue the work of the ministry because that is what the devil is trying to stop us from doing. If he can keep us fighting with each other he can stop us from saving souls.
    God is so awesome he can take a young man who knows what it is like to suffer great lose in his life and have the ability to pick up the pieces and not quit but continue to fight on, and a young woman who knows what it is like to go through difficult labour, even to the point of being able to defeat death and anoint them as leaders, not just for Jericho City of Praise but he has Birthed them a movement that will inspire a generation of believers.

  2. To the board, I don’t know u personally, however I must warn you. I had a dream after I returned home from Mom Peebles furneral. In the I was shown that there were some dishonest people on the board, also you were not loyal Mom or the ministry. In the dream I was to speak to Pastor Joel and the board to warn you of the vengeance that was before you for destroying the legecy Mom Peebles left. If truly love her are the ministry, you have not let this go to court or to the media. In the dream I was to warn those that were not right to step down and to touch not God’s anointed man of God Pastor Joel Peebles. You will suffer greatly for your actions

  3. When and assistant pastor and/or pastor ordains something why would any man need to approve of suc as a concert the board was doing a little too much but Pastor Joel I would also respond if I was in that situation to stop future altercations

  4. This is REALLY disturbing to me. You are giving people a reason not to live for God. This is stuff the world goes through. It would have made sense for a written plan to be made for the future of the ministry but since it was not, you should be relying on your integrity. This is NOT integrity.

  5. In my dream this six member board will be ponished by God! Pastor Joel has all rights to this ministry, and is Vendicatef by God in the name of JESUS TO GOD BE ALL THE GLORY!!!

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