The Trust of Apostle Betty Peebles

This is the Trust of Apostle Betty Peebles.  Take notice of the date that this was signed knowing that Apostle was admitted into the hospital in that same month for cancer treatment  and major surgeries.  Hmm???

Take note that the same rogue board members are beneficiaries in this trust, along with Michael & Dee Dee Freeman, hmm???  Never saw that coming!

Take note that the unlicensed care giver/member (Zaine Sesay) is also a beneficiary listed in this trust.  She was working under the directions of these rogues, and she is also rumored to have assisted with the abduction of the Apostle and moving, hiding and keeping her whereabouts from her son.

Also take note of the section called ‘Joel’s Spiritual Tutelage’.  Notice the complicated, convoluted language and conditions place on Pastor Joel in order for him to get a small portion of Apostle’s estate. Michael Freeman get about 1/4 of her estate. Hmm??  You mean to tell me that Apostle Peebles, who was in the late stages of cancer, who apparently could not make decision for herself evidenced by a medical directive can put together and understand this trust? Hmm???

Finally why would Pastor Joel R. Peebles, who grew up under the tutelage of the Bishop and the Apostle Peebles, who has two Bachelors degrees, one Masters degree have to sit under someone who has no Bachelors or Masters degree. Hmm??  Did Apostle really come up with this or in her state of mind she had no idea what was being concocted. Did she too sign the back page of a multi-page document, like everybody else did???  Hmm??                                                                       Is that her signature??        Why aren’t her initials on the other pages ??

The Trust

One thought on “The Trust of Apostle Betty Peebles

  1. Wait one second here: has any called “Deacon” Geneva Boswell (Clifford Boswell, one of the 6) to testify? Did the Apostle really swear before her as the notory public. If not, that’s considered lying “deacon”. Newsflash Geneva, you can’t sign something saying “that looks like their signature”. Speaking of revoctions, someone should revoke her notory for lying!

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