Other Letters & Misc. Doc’s

Letters sent to Senior Pastor Joel R. Peebles from the six rogue board members and other related letters.

Pg. 2

Pg 2 of letter from illegitimate board

pg 3

Page 3 of letter from illegitimate board


2 thoughts on “Other Letters & Misc. Doc’s

  1. These people of the board can’t be for real it what they’re doing is not of God. there’s going to be a shifting and a shacking in the body of CHRIST. God is sick of there mess and he’s going to put all of them in there place. they need to STOP using God’s name is all this confusion they are causing, God is not about confusion. so they need to STOP ending there letter in God’s name. the Bible states, TOUCH NOT MY ANOINTED AND DO MY PROPHET NO HARM

  2. This is ignorant and a distraction to people attending church for the purpose of hearing and receiving God. In the letter you tell him to refrain from using the title pastor but then you call him pastor in saying that he operates as an associate pastor in the church. So, he is a pastor. Also, I am a licensed minister. You can call yourself what you want to. I’m not opening a church so I don’t call myself pastor but I do offer pastoral counseling. I am a minister but I can be called Reverend, Minister, Pastor or whatever “fivefold” ministry name applies to me if I want to. This is so frustrating to see. All you do is confuse people when you act like this. And, Mike Freeman – I am disappointed.

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