VIDEO EVIDENCE: Why The City of Praise Church Members Won’t Go Back to Our Church Yet!

There are many reasons why Pastor Joel does not want to take the membership back to our Jericho property.

See the two videos below

* The Appeals court decision gives us the right to go back and use the building just like before any time we desire.

* Pastor Joel and other leaders have been back to the property on numerous occasions however the janitor and others have tried repeatedly to have them arrested and/or removed from the premises, but found out that they have no authority to do so.

* So they now try to provoke the leaders or members into mini confrontations and then run to Judge Dwight Jackson and cry wolf.

* The six rogue ungodly, unholy, self-appointed employees and their supporters will stop at nothing to instigate a confrontation so that they can lie about it. We have seen this numerous times.

*  The janitor uses off duty policemen as his private security detail, and uses them to intimidate anyone that rubs him the wrong way.

Example #1:

The Document below is the signed affidavit by Geneva Boswell, fresh out of a bible study:

[PDF Affidavit of Boswell 10.15.12]

The Document below is the signed affidavit by Odessa Harris, fresh out of a bible study:

PDF Affidavit of Harris 10.15.12

The Document below contains highlights taken from the TRO (Temporary Restraining Order) request filed on behalf of the six bible toting liars.

They filed trying to keep members from coming back to the property.  In it they noted many occasion when the leaders came back to the property after the appeals court decision.  Since they could not stop them, they fabricated more lies to make the judge think that they were the aggressors.  We have undeniable proof to refute any of their claims. More video evidence soon to come.

Note: The motivation behind this TRO stems from the recent freezing of their bank account.      Ouch!!  

So they got mad and began to file false charges against our leaders.

*** When The Six Rogue Employees and the Six Bible Toting Liars found out in court that the video proof existed, and that they could have been charged with PERJURY,  they WITHDREW  the TRO Case and sent their paid Park & Planning Policeman home.                  What a waste of tithes & offerings.

Page #7 of TRO:  TRO 6B

Page #8 of TRO:  TRO 6C


Example #2 – Why We Won’t Go Back Yet

Click the picture below to view our video


11 thoughts on “VIDEO EVIDENCE: Why The City of Praise Church Members Won’t Go Back to Our Church Yet!

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    • I am so sorry that you are dealing with this. I have visited your church when you were near Minnesota Ave. I attended your church when you first moved into your current building. We would volunteer for your events when I was with save the seed. It is so appalling to see those people going against what I KNOW your mother would have wanted. She never intended vision to be taken out of the hands of Her own legacy. It makes no sense. After seeing you on TV today. I truly believe that You should be running YOUR church. I am praying with you and for you to get back what the devil is Trying to steal.
      I would love to see the post that you spoke of today about Mind over Cancer. Keep us in your prayers as well My Husband and I have started our own ministry. GOD WILL PREVAIL IN YOUR SITUATION!

  2. This is absolutely horrible! Are they speaking in tongues while fussing at the Pastor? I still do not understand how this was able to happen? Do you have a bishop or archbishop who can handle this dispute? I am not sure what denomination this is but it looks like these individuals have truly lost common decency about how to go about a dispute with their pastor. Please appeal to your bishop so this matter can stay out of the courts. God bless you all.

  3. Jezebelic spirits are trying to hi-jack churches all over America! Instead of God’s law being applied, we are using the courts to legislate ‘freedom of religion’, even if that means taking out someone whom God has appointed and putting someone else in place that we prefer! With that being said, I do appreciate both of these ministries, but tragically, this should have never happened to Pastor Joel- especially by the hands of the Freemans who seem to be out of the proverbial loop.

    Secondly, it is incredulous to me that these ‘women’ have no dignity to leave that man alone in his privacy. Also, they lack wisdom to see him as a man of God/Pastor and the “rightful heir” to that ministry. Praying in tongues and rebuking the man of God in the very house that his parents built. That’s equivalent to parents leaving a house to the offspring, and neighbors coming in from down the street and saying this is not yours, because we don’t want you living here.

    This is a huge mess! Unfortunately, the spiritual leaders involved, including Dr. Jazz didn’t use biblical discretion. Clearly the pastoral epistles written by the Apostle Paul infers about the rights he had over works because he was the founder and nurturer of that work, despite those who would have preferred Apollos. Seems very similar to this situation.

    Lastly, this is the second time in as many years that Bishop Jakes has involved himself as a mediator in the succession plan of a ministry after the death of the founder. Each time he has chosen to appoint someone else rather than the person who birthed the ministry from the beginning (ref. Paula White vs. Riva Tims).

    In my opinion, this is not a good look. In both cases, he is hooking up his daughters in the gospel by virtue of his influence, and leaving ppl who should be the true heirs of the ministry on the outside looking in. He always complained about the lack of fairness he endured during his ascension to ‘power’ in the ministry, but he’s seemingly has forgotten where he has come from.

  4. Love????What Love///And what’s love got to do with it right….i guess these ladies feel like judge and jury or or think they are right/////God looks on the heart….but what I’dlike to know is….how does Dee Dee and Mike Freeman come into play in this scenario? I thought they were pentacostal??

    • Cindy-This was a hostile takeover attempt by 6 employees- which include the janitor, bookkeeper and church secretary. Allegedly they were going to sell/give the church to Mike Freeman. He is alleged to be the mastermind behind this whole mess. The six threw him under the bus during their court depositions and he was on the phone telling the police not to let Bishop Joel take anything out of his office when the six employees fired and excommunicated him. This was captured on video when the police told Bishop Joel and his lawyer what Mike said and the lawyer said that he would get on the phone with him.

  5. I have always felt Dee and Mike Freeman was in the ministry for power but What Power, only God knows. The body of Christ has become to materialistic. I really hate this has happened to Jericho, The Beautiful City of Praise. The Anointing that once followed through the City shall return. Wait I say on the Lord! Surely the WORD is going to speak soon. In Jesus name. God Bless you all

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