Decision from the Court of Special Appeals of Maryland


We have received several request to re-post this decision.

Here it is.

 This is the entire opinion from the Court of Special Appeals of Maryland which reversed an earlier decision rendered by Dwight David Jackson, Associate Judge, Prince George’s County Circuit Court, 7th Judicial Circuit.


2 thoughts on “Decision from the Court of Special Appeals of Maryland

  1. From the time I walked in Jericho (Douglas Street) I knew the power of GOD was over the entire church. That same power came with the Landover location. Therefore, whatever is done to keep PASTOR JOEL in the new building or out of the new building will be the courts decision. The courts, Mike Freeman or the self approved board can think they have it and maybe gotten away with stealing it (if it is stealing) but GOD will make sure whomever is wrong will pay for it…..Because I know in my heart that the Jericho City of Prasie that I know, belongs to GOD…It is HIS HOUSE. He has proven it over and over again. So, whomever ends up with it, I TRULY HOPE YOU ARE SURPOSE TO HAVE it. Because being in GOD’s house unauthorized can cost you everything. Regardless of how good you think you are.

  2. I pray that God is amongst these decisions and that man has not allow the devil to corroupt or make him do work that is truly not right in the word of God.

    One question I have is this personal or the salvation of God that those who don’t know him have to suffer because of unrighteousness. As a Christian I’m confused.

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