Corporate Documents Archive

To view the Jericho Baptist Merger from DC to MD corporation click the link below to view the PDF file

Merger from DC to MD corporation


To view the New articles of Incorporation click on the link below to view the PDF file:

New Articles of Incorporation As of November 1st, 2010


15 thoughts on “Corporate Documents Archive

  1. On these signed documents who is the Charirman/President of the Board or is their one. The board says theat the members of the church voted them in and approved of the merger when did this occur.

  2. Are you able to post the by laws of the church? I am having a hard time understanding how people elected themselves to the board of trustees w/o notifying the congregation. Also, as memebers what are our rights? Can we collectively legally remove this board and creae a new one?

    My husband and I have been memebers of the church for alittle over a year but my mother has been a memeber for many years and this is trly hurting her so much that yesterday she reached out to Bishop Noel
    Jones for guidance!

    I will continue to pray but I also want to be aware of our rights as memebers.

    Thank you
    Bianca Carter

    • Good evening Bianca,
      If you go to the tab entitled “Court Documents Archive” you will see a link to the New Articles of incorporation. We will post how to view the bylaws online ASAP. Legally we will remove this fake board, more details will come soon.


    • I agree with Bianca, being a tithe paying member for more than 15 years we should have a say on who is selected for the board and if our pastor is fired or not! What are our rights as members?

      • Denise, these employees and their lawyer rewrote the bylaws. There are two classes of members-the board and the congregation. The congregation has no say in anything. Jericho was a DC corporation. Two months after Mom died they abolished the DC Corporation and merged it into a new corporation in Maryland. The legal ministry led by Minister Chavez researched and found that their paper work said that they were voted in by the congregation. That was not true. We held a congregational vote after church on Nov 7 voted them out and demanded that they meet with the congregation and show us the financial records. They have not. The members have obtained a lawyer Raouf M. Abdullah and Associates, LLC and we have initiated legal actions to remove this board. They have been served papers and a court date is pending. There is a link on this page to give money to the congregation legal fund. More information is forthcoming.

  3. I have been a member of the Jericho City of Praise church officially since January, 1998 but I came to Jericho Baptist Church on Douglas Street for a year before joining. I know I was destined to be here for this time because I wasn’t even aware that the church would be moving to Maryland. At that time, I had no transportation and know that the Lord God would provide if this was to be my church. God did just that and more. This church was the first church that both my mother & father (both deceased now) attended with me together while on Douglas Street in Northeast, DC. My dad had just recently received JESUS as his Lord & Savior and it blessed me to have my parents attend.

    I said all this to conclude that I’m appointed to be here by the Lord God Almighty and I’m in it to win against all he illegal works of the devil and his adversaries. My support of Pastor Joel & Ylawnda Peebles as the leaders of this ministry and only them is solidified under the direction of the Holy Ghost. I was also appointed by Mother Peebles as a member of the Intercessory Prayer group & will continue to intercede on behalf of our Pastor & all the body of true believers at City of Praise Church. All I need to know is who do I give my tithes & offerings to?

    Yours in Christ Jesus’
    Evangelist Veronica Brown Pray

  4. God has command us to sew into “Good GROUND”.. Apostle, Bishop, Pastor Jamie and Elder Johnny, Aunt Lucy, Elder Gus established and build this good ground. Pastor Joel and 1st Lady is running with the vision and building God’s Kingdom..Saving souls and loving the people. I choose to sew my tithes and offerings to Pastor Joel…as he fulfill God’s plan as our ministry’s Headship.

    Denise Killen, Clifford Boswell, Gloria McGruder, Dorothy Williams, Clarence Jackson, Zain Seasay, Barbara Colvin, Odessa, Joy Bell, Gertie Thomas, Mother Hester and everyone else who have supported SATAN’s plot to destroy this ministry..IS NOT consider as GOOD GROUND.

    I pray for their souls because they are all walking on DANGEROUS territory. God’s character is not exemplified in these people. No…not one. REPENT!!! before it is too late.

  5. I have been at Jericho for 25+ years and how many times did Ma Betty preach settling your issues outside of the court? Many! As for her request to not allow Pastor Joel to ovesee the operations of the ministry, even if she felt that he was not ready to completely oversee the ministry, no one can convince me that she would want all of this public drama eminating from the Jericho City of Praise. Remember we are the City that Praises God, not the City that destroys the hearts of its congregation, community, on-lookers and the like. The world is truly watching and boldly making their remarks. Do you think the back slidder or sinner desires to be a part of the body of Christ after all these months of confusion? God is not the author of confusion. The word says all men will know that you are my disciples (within the body of Christ) by the love that you show one to another. Where is the love?

    One can see from the depositions that every decision that was made, Ma Betty had the final word. Ma Betty ran Jericho to her specifications and she did well over the years. Could it be time to revisit how things were done? I am sure Ma Betty is looking down the portals of heaven wanting “her babies” to get it together.

    All the time and money spent on this matter is a waste of God’s resources. How many souls have we missed saving because of the time spent filing motions and court orders and contacting our favorite members for our favorite meetings? How many souls may never come to Christ because of this matter?

    Maybe Pastor Joel does need to mature in church administration, but give the man a chance; hold his hand, pray for him, support his vision; it’s not any different from what Ma Betty and Pastor Peebles would have wanted. If the Board rallies around Pastor Joel along with his current supporters, he will stay on the straight and narrow. Didn’t God say he will make every crooked way straight? Trust God to do what he said he would. Regardless of any mistakes Pastor Joel may have made in the past, I am convinced that “he has put away childish ways and has put on Godly adult ways.” He may have errored, but the Board has far exceeded his walking in the Spirit of Error. I was in church on yesterday and my heart ached to count the near 200 attendees when the floor is generally full during regular services. My heart ached even more to see the number of security guards laced with tazers, the parking lots roped off, the side doors locked. Was I at the City of Praise or the City of Bondage? Where the Spirit of the Lord is there is liberty. Board of Trustees, stop looking at Pastor Joel and trust God for total restoration and welcome God’s Anointed Servant, his family and followers back to the City of Praise. This is the will of God. Lastly, Pastor Joel has outlived his entire family. Did God make a mistake in leaving Pastor Joel behind? I believe he is the man to lead the mission of Jericho. Remember our ways are not God’s ways, our thoughts are not his thoughts. Board, please check your heart and ask God to search your motives and be honest with yourself, God already knows the truth.

    • MGT….you have said this well. if it is God that Pastor Joel have the helm then allow that process to happen. Surround him with great people and pray that he will not become comsumed with the power. He can not do any worse than what is going on right now…..praise is not heard in the City…..confusion is. Since God is not the author of confusion check the source of these actions!!!!!

  6. pastor joel as a member of the body of chirst i pray for you an your family , and may god put u back where u be long , this is not the time to lead to our own understanding , but time to acknowledge god in all his ways and he will direct our path , as for the self elected board we will pray . pastor joel i don,t know if u will see or read this but i as a minister of another church pastor joel an ylawnda be strong in the lord . PSALMS 1-verse 1 though 6 reads . blessed is the man that walketh not in the counsel of the ungodly , nor standeth in the way of sinners , nor sitteth in the seat of scornful . but his delight is in the law of the lord , and in his law doth he meditate day an night . and he shall be like a tree planted bythe river of waters . that bringeth forth his fruit in his season .

  7. I was invited to attend services at Jericho, And Minister Betty was their She was transparent and was open with her plans on every aspect. The future growth and the success of completing other obligations that the church took on. How come the outspoken mother of the church decided to be secretive all of a sudden? This does not sound like the person that loved her ministry, This does not sound like the person that had a vision and turned it into reiality! Pasor Joel and followers Keep the Faith, God is truly listening to your prayers and he will answer them. The church that your family built is beautiful, I also remember going to the Duglass st church where the overflow room needed an overflow room. Some of us do believe in you, and I wish to visit you again and hope that you will be back at home at The City of Praise!!!

  8. I pray your strength in The Lord. I read through all the depositions and from my findings alone, there were a lot of tricks. A secretive board of trustees has never been heard when dealing with a ministry of this magnitude. A lot of money is going through a lot of hands… starting with their attorney… I just have one question, “How war Mark Freeman allowed to make decisions on behalf of Apostle Betty and on behalf of the church?” His name isn’t on any document for the church, yet he’s the one making the decisions in the background.

    Nevertheless, Bishop Joel Peebles, you have some prayer warriors praying for you and the City of Praise…

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