The Red Hot Inconvenient Truth Video

Get ready for the next installment in the series entitled: The RED HOT INCONVENIENT TRUTH. 

Today Volume #3 features our own Clifford Boswell.

Clifford Boswell one of the six rogue employees/members of the Jericho City of Praise church suing Pastor Joel Peebles. He is noted for many things one of which is his admitting under oath that he gets paid $200.00 every other week, however he doesn’t really know why.  Hmmm!!!  Maybe to help with this hostile takeover.  You were someone people thought could be trusted you, WHY?  Boswell states that he didn’t even know the Apostle that well. Don’t forget, you can read his complete testimony on the website: under the deposition section.

2 thoughts on “The Red Hot Inconvenient Truth Video

  1. Please let the Congregation know what is the next step to be taken on this matter.

    We need a plan, also many members want to pay there tithles and offer but dont feel lead to pay them to the City of Praise under the current administration is there an alternative method that the congregation needs to know about.

  2. I can not believe he admitted on page 59 and 60 that there was under-handed activity done by the board. The board that keeps saying, Weareonly doing what Apostle wanted.
    My heart weeps thinking about this mess.

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