Hot Off the PRESS!

Hot Off the Press!!!
Last Sunday our Pastor Joel R. Peebles Sr told the congregation that he was going to be preaching an 8:00 am and a 10:00 am service. Didn’t you hear that too??
Okay, that’s what I thought. Didn’t you also see in the newspaper, hear from the TV news coverage and out of the six rogue members own mouth that Pastor Joel is only supposed to preach and be in charge of the Spiritual aspects of the church.”  They said that they are to handle the “day to day” operations of the church.

Okay church some body please tell me, show me, teach me, guide me into understanding how is the worship service the day to day operations of the church.
Put a pin in that thought.
Now hot off the press!! We think those illegal, rogue, ungodly, greedy, lying, jezebel spirit having evildoers have kicked it up a notch. Please read the following letter that came into our possession.

2 thoughts on “Hot Off the PRESS!

  1. Where are you God! Why is the heathen still raging. Show us your mighty Handn show us you power Lord. We need to hear from you .

  2. I DON’T want to tell you were you are going, but it looks like you are enjoying the trip may God help you, I am talking about the six, but lets add one more, that low down Lawyer.

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