Rogue board retailiates against Pastor Joel March 2012


People of Praise the rogue unelected board is retaliating against Pastor Joel because members are not giving tithes and offerings to them.  They’ve asked the judge to find Pastor Joel in contempt of court.  Pastor Joel has NOT touched any tithes and offerings belonging to Jericho.

They are asking the judge to make Pastor Joel give them the money that we blessed him with on New Years Eve, all donations given to Joel Peebles Ministries, close down the Joel Peebles ministries website and MAKE THEM TRUSTEES OVER JOEL PEEBLES MINISTRIES.  This is unbelievable and out of order. We will not have it.  They cannot touch the members so they go after Pastor Joel.  If the board has issues with how and who the members are giving to they need to come see us.  We have repeatedly asked for a congregational meeting and have been denied each time.  The Show Cause Order can be viewed below. PLEASE READ BELOW.

Show Cause Order

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