Unelected, Self Appointed Rogue board drags Pastor Joel & Chairman Meadows back to court

The Unelected, Self Appointed, Rogue board has filed yet another law suit against Pastor Joel Peebles and Elder William Meadows. This latest attempt by these evildoers has gone way too far.  They are mad because we at the City of Praise won’t give them any more of our money to mismanage. They are ‘HOT’!!, but they can’t do anything to us so they are attacking Elder Meadows and Pastor Joel instead.

To see the People of Praise response click here POP Response to Contempt Letter

4 thoughts on “Unelected, Self Appointed Rogue board drags Pastor Joel & Chairman Meadows back to court

    • How is this board paying their legal fees? The members and people who attend our church need to know what happens to the money that they put in the Jericho City of Praise envelopes.

      • Dear KProcope,
        To answer your question, this unelected board is paying all of their expenses out of the tithes and offerings that are put into the white envelopes on Sundays along with the cash that’s dropped into the white offering buckets either down on the altar or at the exit doors. These six self appointed board members not only have made this lawyer rich off of the church funds, they have also made the Sheriff’s deputies rich by wasting loads of money keeping off duty police at the building as personal security guards. These six rogues have refused to meet with us members of the congregation to answer questions about the finances. They have said that they don’t have to tell us the members anything. They have been advised by their lawyer not to allow us the members access to any of the churches financial records even though we have asked repeatedly. Clarence Jackson, Clifford Boswell, Dorothy Williams and the other three members will not let us know how much cash they have collected from the parking lots at the football games. They pay the police in cash, who knows how much is pocketed they won’t show us. They pay for lavish buffets for every game for themselves and their friends. These are some of the reasons why the majority of the members stop giving any tithes or offering to these crooks. We will not give any more money to these people while they blatantly disrepect us by ignoring our request for transparency. They are hiding something, and it’s all about the money. They are mad now because we are not tithing, so they are now going after Pastor Joel. They cannot tell us who to give our money to. My advise to you, don’t give them a dime, they have mismanaged church funds with no accountability. God can’t be pleased with their actions.
        God Bless You,
        People of Praise

      • They expect Pastor Joel and Elder Meadows to pay their legal fees. It is in the court order. (Read letter J and K) I guest Apostlle told them to do that as well…

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