PRESS RELEASE: Pastor Joel R. Peebles

Statement from City of Praise Pastor Joel Peebles on Victory in the Prince George’s County Court

The Prince Georges County courthouse swelled with supporters of Pastor Joel Peebles




PRLog (Press Release) – Apr 16, 2012 – – Today the same church employees who brought suit against Chairman William Meadows and me (four days after my mother died) demanded that the Prince Georges County Court give them complete control over the Joel Peebles Ministries.  To God be the glory, they did not prevail.

The constant lawsuits being filed by these employees are not only counter to Biblical principles, they are also an unconscionable and outrageous waste of time and money.  In addition to the church tithes and offerings that they are recklessly wasting on legal fees, they are also causing church members personal wage losses.  Today, the courtroom swelled with men and women who took leave from work and lost pay to show their support for the ministry.


For over a year, the City of Praise church family has endured attacks and bullying by this group.  I know this will ultimately bring us into a richer relationship with Christ. First Lady Ylawnda and I have joined with the thousands from our congregation in praying that the bullying and intimidation stop. Our capacity to show grace to those who persecute us has increased.

Because of the charge and legacy of my father and mother Bishop James Peebles and Apostle Betty Peebles, I am determined to press on in the work of building the ministry. The City of Praise is in the business of saving souls not suing believers.

I do not take the overwhelming support of the congregation for granted. The attempts to threaten church members who openly show support for me are well documented.  The list is heartbreaking.

•   Bobby Henry longtime general council was fired. •   Trenillo Waters who has attended the church for over 34 years and served as the head of the audio ministry for 15 years was fired after he led the congregation in an “Occupy Jericho” movement of protest. •   Rod Chavez openly questioned the legal authority of the employees and consequently they attempted to bar him from even entering the church.  The Prince Georges County Court saw this as a blatant attempt at intimidation and ruled in Rod’s favor. •   Mr. Smallwood a maintenance worker at the church was fired for simply helping me set up chairs for a ministry related event.

Even Radio One was threatened with a lawsuit if they continued a relationship with First Lady Ylawnda and me.  Because of these attacks, my family and I understand clearly that we are blessed beyond measure by the unwavering support of the City of Praise congregation.  We are also blessed by pastors not only in the region, but also throughout the entire country who have lifted us up in prayer.

We are encouraged by this victory and will continue to do the work of the ministry.


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