Michael Freeman uncovered











4 thoughts on “Michael Freeman uncovered

  1. I have no respect for Freeman and his wife. Being an “ALLEGED CHRISTIAN AND SO CALLED MINISTER” of the WORD OF GOD, even if he and pastor Peebles had a disagreement or misunderstanding — IT COULD HAVE BEEN AND SHOULD HAVE BEEN HANDLED DIFFERENTY! The way this situation was handled, let me know that Freeman and his wife Dee Dee are TYPICAL CHURCH FOLKS AS OPPOSED TO BEING TRUE CHRISTIANS — CHECK IT! THERE IS A DIFFERENCE! MAY GOD CONTINUE TO BLESS PASTOR PEEBLES AND HIS WIFE AND HIS CHURCH!

    • Be not deceived God is not mocked – whatever a man sow, that shall he also reap… Freeman and Dee Dee yawl better do some serious praying and repenting b’cos God is watching you!

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