2 thoughts on “Pastor Joel R. Peebles – No Weapon Formed Against You Shall Prosper

  1. Pastor Joel I am with you every step of the way. Jesus is Lord and he will prevail. We should continue to pray for those who came against God’s church, for they really don’t understand the magnitude of their actions, They have allowed satan to use them. The battle is the Lords. The tares will be separated from the wheat. I love you and Yolanda, God has a plan no matter what things appear to be. Remember, not to let the root of bitterness set in. Rev. Phillips (Catron Turner’s mother)

  2. I came from a church where the Pastor was cheating on his wife (with a member of the church) while she was in the hospital dying of cancer. After that I did not go to church for 15 years but I kept reading my Bible and believing in God. I thought that his actions was the lowest thing that someone could do. This fake board has shown me that if you keep on living you will really see how low people can go. Pastor Joel did not cheat on his wife, did not mess with any young boys, young girls, did not mess with anyone’s husband, wife, did not steal any money etc. But this fake board found it in THEIR best interest to remove him dispite what the people had to say. Pastor Joel made me beleive in the institution of church again though his actions. His faithfulness to his wife, his dedication to his children and his commitment to the church is unprecedented. I love you Pastor and you have my full support.

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