A Tale Of Two Cities

Pastor Joel R. Peebles, Senior Pastor of the City of Praise, temporarily holds service at a local hotel with over 3000 congregants.  After locking out the members and excommunicating some leaders the Unholy, Unelected, Self-Appointed rogue board brings in another pastor and his congregation into our building.  They held two services today in our building and barely had a total of two hundred people including the homeless.

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7 thoughts on “A Tale Of Two Cities

  1. We The Eisbey stand by you pastor in god will protect you. the disciples did an outstanding job today. I was with you in spirit and I am so proud of my city of praise members. Me and my wife love all you guys and to god be all the glory. all of the sovereignty of god is on the way.

  2. Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior! I don’t even live in your state but have been following this dilemma since last year. I have read most of the depositions and I’m still in shock. I must say that the spirit of Pastor Joel seems to truly be of God. This has been a long fight for him and all of you. Unfortunately power and money have ruined a good many of churches and families. I pray that the peace of God would consume each of you. Run on and do the work of the Lord because no weapon formed against us will ever prosper!

  3. I was blessed to come out and support Pastor Joel this Sunday but it was heartbreaking to explain to my children why we weren’t going to the City of Praise. We are praying for God’s will to be done in this situation and for God to restore Pastor Joel to his rightful place. Interestinly, I found the bio of the pastor who led the service at Jericho City of Praise in Pastor Joel’s absense on Sunday. Note that “Dr. Michael Freeman or Spirit of Faith Christian Center serves a mentor for Bishop R. S. Walker and has for many years.” Ihttp://www.bishoprswalker.com/about.html

  4. All the comments are excellent. However, moderator I think you should be posted to facebook as well. Everyone one is on there…repost -make it known!

  5. The order of the church is not in place you can have a board but the board cannot run the person who was called to be in that place and thats when things start to go the other way I say today that pastor Joel I’m not a member of Jericho but if Jercho not going to let you in start your own church do whatever God lead you to do.

  6. Praying for Pastor Joel & Lady Peebles. I don’t know you or your mother Apostle Peebles, but as I looked at pictures of your mother, she is a true reflection of God’s love, and holiness. There is not enough money in the world that would make me believe that your mother would tell people (a board) to do you this way…I am not there and know that is from the pit of hell. I will keep saying to you Pastor Joel the best weapon that you have is your “Praise” You are not fighting against flesh & blood but some demonic activity that has loose itself to take you down. God is going to prevail, He is going to show Himself strong and mighty. Apostle Peebles was your mother first and as I listen to clip in which she spoke, she said that “you had to be birth for such a time as this.” Everything that the enemy and people think they have stolen or taken from you, God is going to restore to you double-fold and secondly God is going to make your enemies your foot stool. Hold on to God. Keep smiling, keep praising, keep worshiping God, keep fasting, keep praying, because God is holding you. God Bless You Pastor & Lady Peebles.

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