National Media picks up the story of The City of Praise

As we approach the one year anniversary of Pastor Joel’s firing and the excommunication of our long-term Board, leaders and members our story has garnered national attention.  Roland Martin and TV One did a great segment on Washington Watch with Roland Martin about our Church and Pastor Joel.  One point to note is that the church officials mentioned in this story are a group of employees and ex-employees lead by the janitor, church secretary and book-keeper.  What’s really interesting is that there were no interviews or video footage from the six crooks. Why? Because they have less than 100 people there on Sundays and they are ashamed to let the world see how they have devastated the body of Christ.  The six rogue employee crooks have turned Jericho into a “Rent-A-Center” because they can’t generate God’s Move on their own. Their website uses old footage from when the congregation was there and advertisements from functions held there by other congregations to make it look like there are a lot of people there.  They recently started airing old sermon’s of Pastor Joel showing a large congregation trying to trick people into thinking that they are growing and that we came back. They even put out commercials on the TV begging people to come. Come to what?   Sorry crooks, God ain’t having it. They have been uncovered.

Apostle Betty and Elder Joel

Click on the picture above to see the video

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