Dr. Jasmin Sculark – The More You Know

                                 DID YOU KNOW?





                               DID YOU KNOW?




2 thoughts on “Dr. Jasmin Sculark – The More You Know

  1. God is not mocked. WARNING! TO THE SIX PEOPLE who has tried to covet another man’s vision. Reapping the wrath of God will not be Pretty at all. You have seen nothing yet. Woe to the one that scatters the sheep. God gave me a Dream about this very thing that you have done. You al NEED to repent and ask for God’s mercy. Bishop Joel Pebbles is the APPOINTED Man of God for the City Of Praise.

  2. God is trying to teach a lesson to everyone; We need to come together as one. If Joel Peebles wants to really carry on his Mom’s Legacy, he would come off his high horse & stop preaching division. Please read Ephesians 6. It’s not about power, God is the only one in charge! Also, it’s not about “Who’s in charge of the property”, it’s about bringing people into the house to get saved & grow closer to God, which is the legacy I believe the wonderful Bishop Betty Peebles wanted to have continued. So, all of this finger pointing needs to cease! Also, read Acts 15:36-41 regarding the disagreement.

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