AT2W Writes An Article On: Lesbianism in the Black Church

The Jericho City Of Praise Self-Appointed, Unelected, Employee Board’s hireling Dr. Jasmin Sculark is featured in this article from AT2W Blog.

Lesbianism In The Black Church Revealed

What Do You Know About Lesbianism In The Black Church?

What Do You Know About Lesbianism In The Black Church?

When people hear about gays in the Black Church they automatically think it’s the ‘gay black man’. When in fact, it is the number of Black lesbians in the Black church that’s alarming. Many won’t believe the amount of lesbians that’s in Black churches… from the Pastor’s wife on down. Okay, so let’s see…you have Pastor’s wives that’s a lesbian, the Usher, the Sunday School Teacher, etc. Lesbianism is just as bad as gay men in the Black church, but society treats as if lesbianism doesn’t exist in the church. Why is this though? Is it because the “gay Black man” is more noticeable because of his feminine ways? Is it because the Black community stigmatize the male choir director or musician as the gay ones?

 Dr. Allyson Nelson

Sadly, to say the Black church is more acceptable of lesbians within our churches. However, we shouldn’t be as closed minded about this issue. We should treat lesbianism in harmony as  much as we criticize and judge gay men in Black churches. So, let’s be real now…there are a host of female Pastor’s that display ‘butch like’ tendencies, but we continue to look over the obvious. Am I telling the truth or what? For example you have Black female Pastor’s such as: Dr. Jasmin Schulark, Bishop Allyson Nelson, and Bishop Yvette Flunder just to name a few that either has admitted that they are indeed a lesbian and/or displays lesbianism tendencies.

Bishop Yvette Flunder

C’mon Black church people…..if we are going to judge, criticize,  and rebuke the Black gay man in our Black churches, then we shouldn’t have a problem doing the same to lesbian Pastors either.

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4 thoughts on “AT2W Writes An Article On: Lesbianism in the Black Church

  1. I listened to Dr, Jazz ‘s sermon this morning, Feb 8th. She was the guess speaker at Howard University Feb 1, 2015 after this article was posted. During her sermon, “How Bad Do You Want It”, She threw in a caveat to address this article. She said that people have asked her “Why aren’t married?” Her response is, “I am not a gold digger but I don’t want an HIV positive and a negative JOB man. I need to see two pieces of paper, his HIV TEST result and his CHECK”.

    Is this her real defense? I’m just saying—-

  2. Thanks People of Praise for supporting this post! We want your readers to know that we posted it in support of a blogger who is the originator of the post, ” What Do You Know About Lesbianism In The Black Church?”, which features known and alleged lesbian pastors and bishops. They are the Preying Narcissist at Thanks again for spreading the word!

  3. Ok, lets check everybody for a sexuality test, liars, cheats, thieves, dead beat mothers and fathers, temple whores, temple pimps, thots, thugs and gang-members. I’ll dare anybody point the finger about Dr. Jazz without pointing to themselves first. Worry about your own sexual preference . Unacceptable on every level. What happened to Spiritual integrity ???

  4. This is so tacky and out of character for “People Of Praise” to support this article , where is the article on “judgemental saints, gay men of the Church, lying layman, Temple whores ..! The way it pointed to select few is distasteful and unacceptable. I am shocked and not understanding how this article is supported. Let’s talk about you gayness, your family members, your closet issues or out of welock children within the church — am I on your street yet? Point it all out

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