God Is Good!! Vindication! Validation! Restoration!

jericho b4a

                And It Came To Pass




2 thoughts on “God Is Good!! Vindication! Validation! Restoration!

  1. Let peace and love abide !
    I hope Dr. Jazz is treated with love. She has done nothing wrong. We say we know God but we will cut your head clean off and shout over it.
    We don’t know what God told her to do. She is not the type of lady-leader that moves without hearing from God. She and Bishop Peebles needs to sit in private and see what thus saith the Lord. Be careful !!!!!

  2. So many things have to be worked out ! The souls that joined under Dr. Jazz must be handled with total love. This is why the two leaders have to meet – many souls joined at the main campus during the split first and foremost GOD is watching to see how they will be handled. So many thing we don’t understand, but we do not have to hurt people because of a ruling. Let love abide Victory!!!

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