More Disrespect Directed Towards Pastor Joel Peebles


Since these Six, Unelected, Self-Appointed, Rogue trustee board members seized control of this ministry they have blatantly, arrogantly and consistently disrespected our pastor, Pastor Joel R. Peebles Sr. in every way possible.  Two recent examples come to mind.  For many years Apostle Betty P. Peebles and Pastor Joel R. Peebles had their sermons aired on a local cable TV station in DC and Maryland, PG Lease Access 190 at 10:00 pm. The sermons aired nightly Monday thru Friday.  Since her death this Rogue Board has decided to make sure that Pastor Joel’s TV following decreases and his sermons are ineffective.  So they initially  played the same two or three sermons.  They do not want him viewed positively they want viewers not to come back.  They then switched to showing Apostle Betty Peebles’s old sermons, anything to keep Pastor Joel from being seen or heard. —  SAD BUT TRUE!

Secondly,  below you will see a bulletin from the Jericho City of Praise for the month of April 2012 (we did not make this up). We challenge anyone to look through it and try to find one place, just one place, uno place in this bulletin where Pastor Joel R. Peebles name appears. Find One???   You will not even be able to find him under the disrespectful name that the Six Rogues address him as “Elder Joel Peebles” never Pastor Joel or Pastor Peebles. When you find one place where Pastor Joel’s named is written, let us know in the comment section maybe we overlooked it.

This also holds true of their official Jericho City of Praise website.  There is one little tab at the bottom with nothing in it when you click.


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