2 thoughts on “Pastorial Covenant with Apostle Betty P. Peebles and the Six Rogue, Unelected board members

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  2. There are three people Apostle trusted that stayed by her bedside. Denise Killen told the story in her deposition. Denise blames Zain for everything because in Denise’s deposition she stated that Zain was Apostle’s CARETAKER. Zain never left Mom’s bedside. Even when Apostle was removed from her home and kept away from her family and the church in a local community hospital under the name Betty Wooten. Zain was there… sitting at Apostle’s bedside. Denise said that months later Apostle expressed that she could not trust Zain, so Denise moved in Apostle’s house to oversee everything that Zain was doing. This is in Denise Killen’s DEPOSITION. I DARE NOT make this stuff up. As for Gloria McGruder….well Gloria’s name is the FIRST signature on this document. Apostle would never sign under anyone but GOD. Denise should have known that as Apostle’s secretary. These people were coached by an outsider(s) and these people operated as puppets – executed instructions without THINKING. They were blinded and unskilled as they followed Satan’s guidance..
    May these people REPENT and make it right with GOD, Pastor Joel and the congregation before more documents and testimonies surface. We serve a JUST God…Can I say that again… WE SERVE A JUST GOD.
    Touch not my anointed and do them NO harm…..
    Click on the link below and read portions of Denise Killen’s deposition that states under oath …identifying the key players….she excluded herself from everything…. AMAZING!

    Read pages 118-129. Then read pages 178 -181. Denise said these things under oath.

    Click to access deposition-killen-denise-abc1.pdf

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