Pastor Joel R. Peebles and Chairman William Meadows win against Rogue board

  The Devil was Defeated, the City of Praise Rejoices!!

 God almighty scored a first round TKO of the Six Unelected, Self-Appointed Rogue board members today at the county court-house in Upper Marlboro, MD.  The Judge would not allow such a ridiculous law suit to be heard in his court room. Finally a glimpse of sensibility from Judge Dwight Jackson. The six rogue board members led by chief rogue Gloria McClam-McGruder tried to get control of the separate ministry of Pastor Joel R. Peebles called Joel Peebles Ministries. They also wanted the judge to have Pastor Joel Peebles to turn over to them the ‘LOVE OFFERING’ giving to him by church members during this past New Years Eve service. It’s was always about the money!!  They also sued the only true long time Chairman of the Board of Trustees, William Meadows.  This was the second devastating loss in court that this rogue board and their unscrupulous attorney Issac Marks have suffered this year.  NEWS FLASH to you ‘EVILDOERS“, this is just the beginning of your end at the City of Praise.  God will not be mocked, you 7 people and your help will reap what you have sown.




We told satan to get thee behind, Victory today is ours!!!

The Attorney for the six rogues, Issac Marks continued his shameless assault on our church tithes and offerings by collecting somewhere in the neighborhood of $8000.00 to $13,000.00 for this half day fiasco.  

Church tithes and offerings should not be used to bank roll this lawyer starting a new practice after being let go from O’Malley, Miles, Nylen & Gilmore, nor to fund these six rogue members outrageous spending sprees. They should have to pay us all back!!

That’s why we don’t give them our tithes and offerings anymore so they can mismanage. Don’t give them a dime, they are not responsible people.

A PRAISE REPORT: while at the county court-house today, one man going thru a rough divorce gave his life to Christ outside after his case was heard. The angels in heaven rejoice when one sinner gives his life over to Jesus!

 GLORY TO GOD!!   That’s why we had to be there today. 

4 thoughts on “Pastor Joel R. Peebles and Chairman William Meadows win against Rogue board

  1. As a congregation of the Ciy of Praise and a member of the Body of Christ, we need to let these few individuals know that they wll not destroy this ministry. These individuals are always in the administrative building…late in the evening..scheming and plotting destrution. Take a drive by there and see for yourselves. Who are they working for that late in the evening…surely not for Pastor Joel or for the congregation. Hmmm. One of them actually announced publicly that they don”t care about the souls. Pray saints..Pray. I have never witnessed such a high level of demonic activity within the House of God. Nor can I understand their boldness. One of them stood on the pulpit on a Sunday and lied to thousands of people, saying “Apostle is on vacation” and he knew that his wife and other had kidnapped Apostle. He knew that they approved for the hospital to perform critical surgery on Apostle and she suffered with complications. he knew what community hospital Apostle was in and he knew that her ONLY living son had no knowledge of this. This is a high level of wickness. This same person makes sure that he gets revenue from selling Apostle’s srmons and Pastor Joel’s sermons every Sunday. These people enjoys the revenue but they won’t respect Pastor Joel and the Peebles’ legacy. Every act they do they say ‘IT’S WHAT APOSTLE WANTED.” We are not blind nor stupid. God is unveiling all wickedness in high and low places. PRAY SAINTS..PRAY. We have plenty of work to do and souls to save for the KINGDOM of GOD. AMEN.
    BARBARA STANDARD, we are praying for you. Your involvement in these wicked schemes have been exposed.

    • Amen to your comments. To God Be All The Glory. I live in another state, but I have and will continue to pray for Pastor Joel Peebles, family and church family.

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