One thought on “Pastor Joel R. Peebles outside of the court-house after today’s Victory

  1. What an awesome day in the Lord! The City turned out in full force! The forces of darkness could not withstand under the glorious light of the Saints of God. God was illuminated in All HIs Majesty and Glory and we claimed the victory in the Name Lord Jesus. During my prayer time I asked the Lord for a word for this crazy play by the rogue board and this is what I received from the Lord. He said, “Daugter look to the Cross “it is finished!” Saints of God, it is finished. Yes, we must continue to stand on the wall; however, know this – we fight from a position of victory. The battle lines have been drawn but we can claim victory over all the wiles of the devil. The time is at hand. The hour is now and it came to pass . . .
    To the six hear what thus saith the Lord – you are leaving the City of Praise.
    To God Be All the Glory!

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