Michael Freeman’s Interview with Zachery Tims: Do What I Say Not What I Do!!!

dr freeman and zachery tims interview

Courtesy of A Toast 2 Wealth

Dr. Michael Freeman Interviewed By Zachery Tims: Can He Really Judge The Fruit of Others?

2 thoughts on “Michael Freeman’s Interview with Zachery Tims: Do What I Say Not What I Do!!!

  1. I am offended by the way this case is being handle. Why wont you allow pastor Peeble to have his mom house. If this was your mom how would you feel. God is God of order. Reconcile with your brother and love him trust God..

  2. As a member of Jerico, although i have been inactive, I am apalled at the turn of events that have taken place since Pastor Betty”s death,. First of all I with limited finances, faithfuiil,tithed paid my offering and contributed to the buillding fund, birthday fund for the Pastor, yeah that’s right the rolex watch that was left to one of the six trustees, I CONTRIBUTED TO THAT AND WAS SO HAPPY TO SEE THE JOY expressed by Pastor Betty when it ws presented to her during the service,and unless she actually willed it to the trustee that has it then give it up to Yolanda. after all Yolanda is family and a parents wealth unless otherwise stated through a will should pass on to their heirs.

    I would like to be notified about upcoming court dates and what if anything I can contribute to regain our church to us the members and rightful heirs with pastor Joel and Yolanda at the helm.

    It is an outrage that our dirty lundry had to be aired in public. Pastor betty and bishop, would not be pleased with this any mmore that we are. To smear the church name publically is all the amunition some like the freemans need you know divide and conquer, well not this time and not this church. I have been discouraged wondering ”GOD” where are you and what are you doing about this you have brought us such a long way and I know you are not leaving us now.

    god, in the matchless name LORD JESUS, PLEASE HEAR OUR PRAYER AND OUR CRY FOR HELP YOU PROMISED TO NEVER LEAVE US OR FORSAKE US AND I KNOW THAT EVEN THOUGH WEEPING ENDURETH FOR A NIGHT THAT JOY DOES COME IN THE MORNING……. well so what if the morning has been a year, you are still with us in this fight leading and guiding us….. Therefore when you give us victory it will b rightly done and no man can ever take from us the members and PASTORS OF jerico cith of praise, Our GOD’S EDIFICE ,AND THE EDIFICE OF US WHO DIGILENTLY fought the good fight and were obedient in our tithes and offerings and building fund contributions as was our rightful duty……..

    IN MY LIFE, TO GOD BE ALL GLORY…Please communicate via email what i can do to help.

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