The Court date is set for Pastor Joel R. Peebles and Chairman William Meadows appeals case

                        And It Shall Come To Pass

The Appeal has been set for Tuesday September 11, 2012

Joel 2:25    25 And I will restore to you the years that the locust hath eaten, the cankerworm, and the caterpiller, and the palmerworm, my great army which I sent among you.

 The appeals process in the case for Pastor Joel R. Peebles and Chairman William  Meadows against the six self-appointed, unelected, unholy, rogue board
members has been expedited. The controversial decision handed down by Judge
Dwight Jackson that put these six rogues members in place will be heard by
three honorable appeals court judges.  Judge Jackson presided over the first case and acted less than competent not acting on the majority of the motions before him
yet making his decision.

This comment below was posted by a defense lawyer at a site called the Robing Room an online site where judges are rated. Hmm!

Criminal Defense Lawyer  

Comment #: MD1224                             Rating:1.0                                                      

Comments:                                              This Judge seems to have an unscrupulous relationship with Attorney Issac Marks.  It appears that Judge Jackson Continues to provide Marks with favorable rulings and allows him to work outside of the standards held by the courts.  If Issac Marks is your opposing counsel, be assured that the ruling will not be in your favor.  Further investigation needs to be done into their improprieties.
 This comment echos the sentiment of those in attendance in the court room many days during the trial.

Two cases have been filed on behalf of the City of Praise Congregation

The unelected Trustees have continued to refuse to provide records for inspection as well as even answer the complaint against them.  They have basically filed documents to dismiss the action instead of providing an answer why they should not provide records. The closet thing they provide to an answer is that we have no right to see records because we are not members.  They have even changed the bylaws to suit their policy that if anyone opposes them they can be excommunicated as a member. Judge Dwight Jackson has supported them in the past and shown bias as well as a disregard for civil procedure and the law.  Our attorney has put in many hours of research, held meetings, and drafted documents in support of our case.  Our attorney has developed a strategy to move forward with removing the unelected board members and restoring the rightful place of our elected board Pastor and Members to the City of Praise. More details will be released once a court date is set regarding the unelected board members not responding to the lawsuit to provide records.  Additionally, there is a second lawsuit filed on behalf of the congregation because the illegal board was never elected in accordance with Maryland law.  These six rogue board members should not get too comfortable.

 God is a God of restoration!

That means he’s not going to repay you just for everything  done wrong he’s going to go above and beyond and make things better than before.

God will give you double for your trouble!

       It ain’t over until God says it is over!

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