Members Legal case against Six Unelected, UnGodly, Self-Appointed Rogue board members moves forward


       City of Praise Church Members     

                           in Exile

As you know we the membership currently have two (2) legal cases already filed with the Circuit Court of Maryland  on behalf of the City of Praise Church Congregation vs. the Jericho UnGodly Six.   In our first case  # CAL 12-3774 (we have requested the financial records of the Jericho Baptist Church Ministries ), the unelected, unholy, self-appointed rogue board members refuse to provide the records for our inspection which is unlawful.  Their arrogance would not allow them to even answer the complaint against them within the time limits after being officially serve.   Issac Marks the Attorney for the six rogues members filed a motion to have the Financial Records Case #CAL 12-3774 dismissed, stating that we the members do not have standing because we are not members there any longer!!  They put us off of the property?    They sent us letters telling us that our memberships there were terminated??    They excommunicated us??

*** On Monday August 6, 2012,

           We received a copy of the Order from Judge Krauser of the Circuit Court of Maryland, and it says that the Six Unelected, UnGodly, Self-Appointed Rogue members ‘Motion to Dismiss’ the financial records case against them has been DENIED!!!

That means that these crooks will have to come to court and face us now.  City of Praise members we need your help more than ever, the wind is at our backs, the tide has now turned, all of the tricks used by their attorney and the favoritism given to him has come to a screeching halt.   We are one step closer to taking back what the devil has stolen.  We are fired up and we will not be denied!  The City of Praise Church is coming out of Exile and we are about to take the city.   The City of Praise congregation are being represented by Attorney Raouf M.  Abdullah & Associates, LLC – website:  Our Attorney Mr. Abdullah is very competent and is very confident that we will prevail.  We now have a responsibility to pay off some of the legal fees that have accrued thus far.  The Legal Ministry now needs to raise funds for the two lawsuits that have been filed.   Please take note that any contributions made will not be considered taxable-deductions.   Payments can be made in the following ways:     Checks can be made payable to: Raouf  M. Abdullah & Associates, LLC and given to Rod Chavez or a representative at the Legal Defense information desk in the lobby at Eleanor Roosevelt High School.  You may also donate online thru our Paypal link on the Legal Defense page.   Please be prayerful with regards to this request as anything worth having is worth fighting for.

To see the Judges order click the link below:

records motion denied 07-26-12

One thought on “Members Legal case against Six Unelected, UnGodly, Self-Appointed Rogue board members moves forward

  1. Hebrews 6:10, admonish us that God is not an unfair God. God, who sees and knows all things, will reward you for your labours of love.

    Pastor Betty taught us that if we live and walk upright according to the Word of God, God will give us DOUBLE for our trouble. God does not bless MESS.

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