Rejoice City of Praise

Victory Is Ours!!!

 This is the Opinion From the Court of Special Appeals

The Six Unholy, Ungodly, Self-Appointed Rogue Employees have already put their spin on this document.

Apostle Betty taught us not to take anyone’s word but to get the facts for ourselves. Knowledge Is Power.

It’s important to note when reading this document and attempting to understand what the court is saying, that the term Summary Judgement  means a decision can be made without a trial.  It is interesting to note that the 6 rogue employees partitioned the court to have Pastor Joel and Chairman Meadows to pay for their court costs.  The court denied that and instead they ordered the Six Unholy, Ungodly, Self-Appointed, Rogue employees to pay one-third of the court costs.   Hmm!  Didn’t see that coming.

Click here to view documents: Opinion Court Of Special Appeals



  1. These folks can not possibly believe the bible that they read and preach from to think for one second that this act is remotely moral let alone godly. It is my prayer that every evil doer, underhanded manipulative device and tactic against this man of God be exposed and cast down. That the cover up be no longer and that the enemy begans to turn on each other until this mess is completely over turned and this family is vendicated and returned to its rightful place.

  2. Pastor Joel and family and church family keep God first and put all your trust in the Almighty God. He will never leave you nor forsake you (promise)by Jesus. Your stewardship is an assignment from God and the commandment to your parents was your train up a child in the way of the things of God and they will not depart from them. Your parents did as they were instructed.God’s favorprevails. I’ve seen you grow and wrote these words according to my instruction by yhe Holy Spirit

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