********* MORE VIDEO CLIPS ***********

just released2

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  Example #2

Why We Won’t Go Back!


just released2

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   Example #1

Why We Won’t Go Back!



                   PEOPLE OF PRAISE


          To a  THEATER NEAR YOU SOON!!!

                              Example #3

                            MORE!       MORE!    MORE!

Videos Showing more: Lies!!  Action!!  Disrespect!!  Deception!! Manipulation!!

    Backdoor Plans!!  Arrogance!!  Hostile Janitors!!  Power Grabs!!

More examples showing why the City of Praise Church members are not going back into our building just yet.

Remember: Who is the Pastor of Jericho City of Praise?  Who is the Pastor of the City of Praise Family Church?  It is Pastor

Joel Peebles!!   He served as one of the only two Assist Pastors in the history of the church. He also preached for over 20 years in the church.    

Remember: That the Six rogue self-appointed employees saw an opportunity to seize control over financial assets one of the largest churches on the east coast. They did so by falsely claiming to be the duly elected board of the church. They were never, ever elected by the church members. Now they will do anything to try and remain in the building.  Watch the videos !!

To see all of the videos you can select the Video Evidence tab on the left side of this page, then scroll down to example #2

***  W e are the People of Praise and we approved this message ***

One thought on “********* MORE VIDEO CLIPS ***********

  1. Pastor Joel I am with you!!!! I know live in Richmond, Virginia, but my son attended Jericho Christian Academy during its first year. My mother and I were both members. We know the truth!!

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