The Supreme Court of Maryland, The Maryland Court of Appeals has spoken!

Attention City of Praise Members:


       Hot off Of Press!!

The Maryland Court of Appeals (a seven judge panel), agreed with the decision from the Maryland Court of Special Appeals.


          Rogues Denied!!

Hot Off the Press

On October 26, 2012  not long after the Maryland Court of Special Appeals reversed the decision of the lower court. The Six Self-Appointed Rogue employees filed an appeal to the Supreme Court in Maryland.  Well the Ungodly, Unholy six employees kept telling their supporters that Pastor Joel and Chairman Meadows did not win anything with the court of special appeals decision, lol.   If that were true, then why did they immediately file an appeal??
They attempted to tie up this case in the court system for another 4-5 years by filing an appeal.    But God!!
On Tuesday January 22, 2013, the Maryland Court of Appeals, the supreme court in Maryland has agreed with the Maryland Court of Special Appeals and has denied the Petition for Writ of Certiorari entered by the six Self-Appointed, Rogue employees.  This means that the Court of Appeals of Maryland (the highest court) will not even entertain the thought of looking at their case.  The court said that they saw no issue that would make them think an error occurred when the Court of Special Appeals overruled Judge Dwight Jackson. It said that he was wrong in giving the six Self-Appointed Rogue employees their summary judgment. They agreed that there was sufficient evidence to show that Pastor Joel was in fact a member of the Board of Trustees all the time.
Recap:  So now you have the two highest courts in the State of Maryland, more than ten Honorable Judges stating that they do not see any reason why there should have been a Summary Judgment against Pastor Joel Peebles and Chairman William Meadows. 

There is too much evidence that support Pastor Joel!

Click Here to view court document:

Pastors Michael & DeeDee Freeman your back door plan to get our church ain’t gonna work.  Don’t measure for drapes.  Jericho is not yours, never meant to be yours and it was never for sale.

We Will Be Back!

Click Here to view the document:   MD Supreme Court decision – Jan 22, 2013

3 thoughts on “The Supreme Court of Maryland, The Maryland Court of Appeals has spoken!

  1. I am a 65 y.o. white man who would drive a long way to attend your church! If I only lived a few states closer! I just watched a number of YouTube videos and “out of the heart, the mouth speaketh” … Pastor Joel is a precious man of God.

    His heart was exposed to the world when he was going through likely the most difficult day of his life, and I saw nothing but Jesus. No pride, arrogance, anger, whining, pouting, spite, revenge, animosity, loathing, hatred, or cries of injustice. Just a sweet, tender, loving spirit, moving forward in trusting peace, peace that is of God. … What more do you want than that, of a pastor?

    What a wonderful testimony of what real Christianity is! It’s the ‘big bumps’ in life that causes what we really are to spill out, out where the world can see it. If we walk in the flesh, well … the flesh and its attitudes love to be noticed! I was truly moved by what I saw of Pastor Joel’s heart that day.

    May God bless your ministry there.
    dan bratcher

    • Amen I feel the exact way. I am a Pastor and this man of God has inspired me to new heights just by the character that he has demonstrated throughout this entire ordeal. Leader;s lead by example, and he has displayed extraordinary leadership to his congregation and to those of us who have been watching this unfold. I too have been truly touched by the Christlikeness of Pastor Joel. Pastor Owens

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