Legal Update: Looks Like Judge Dwight Jackson derails JUSTICE AGAIN!

The Ruling came in yesterday February 4, 2014, just Seven (7) days before the Scheduled Jury Trial Date of February 11, 2014.    City of Praise saints: This is not over!! This is another delay!


Please Click the picture above to see the video:

One thought on “Legal Update: Looks Like Judge Dwight Jackson derails JUSTICE AGAIN!

  1. All I can say is thanks be to God The Lord led me to City of Praise around seven years ago. Had these things not happened to Bishop I would probably be in a mental hospital
    Now I fully understand spiritual warfare and satanic assigned spirits sent to hinder. I was sent a
    Book written 2002 by Perry Stone titled”hindering spirits and came across it just.begore Bishop talked about many battles are not with flesh and blood but assigned spirits that you have to use spiritual weapons because these kind only go out by fasting and prayer
    It hit me that ketchup and my battle was being launched by the same assigned spirit over property and to hinder and distract. I encountered most if the same things as he in the
    Court system in another county and two judges who made illegal decision even though they were told by orthopedic specialist that it was impossible for me to be present. Because I of mandatory emergency surgery and they dismissed my cAse and refused to review it even though evidence was clear cut of fraudulent transfer and that person had committed fraud by transfer title to avoid judgement while a case was pending and even though I won
    Judgment they did not want to
    Join those who received fraudulent transfer to the judgment leaving no asserts to guarantee payment of the judgement. These are strongholds used by sAtan to use people often inside religious systems and so call justice system to defraud And line the pockets of unseen people and developers I found an Article written in 1997 about these subtle schrmes and satan has people assigned not only in the world system but often in the church system to aid in these schemes by tying it up in court system until they drain you financially

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