Legal Update: The City of Praise Congregations Articles Case

People of Praise of the City of Praise: We Know the Power of Praise!

Continue to Praise our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and to pray without ceasing. Yesterday Prince George’s County Circuit Court Judge Dwight Jackson once again made a ruling against us in our Articles Case. People of Praise not to worry, This is not the end! It is far from over! This ruling by this Judge Jackson is not final! The ruling is still reviewable! We will Appeal this! Remember in addition, we still have multiple lawsuits pending, one which is not in front of Judge Jackson. It is our opinion that the Circuit Court for Prince George’s County – Civil System is broken and has failed us. We believe that Judge Dwight Jackson consistently violates rules of civil procedure with impunity. We have lost faith in the Prince George’s County circuit court system. In our opinion we believe that there should be a review of the performance and the decisions made by Judge Dwight Jackson. While this is surely a bump in a crooked the road, our God will make every crooked road straight. In the end we still win!
People of Praise let us be perfectly clear, it is our opinion that when the depositions taken from these six Unholy, UnGodly, Self-Appointed, Rogue, board of thieves are released, you will soon know what we have suspected, that money has been taken. We believe that some have enriched themselves off of church tithes and offerings. You will see the words from their own mouths. Denise Killen will answer questions about why she withdrew over “$25,000.00 in Cash” out of the church bank account. Dorothy Williams will be asked about withdrawals in Cash amounting to $13,000.00. Clarence Jackson the janitor, well, he has to answer to over $47,000.00 of funds. He gets over $91,000.00 for a salary, and that’s not enough. The Secretary Denise Killen admits under oath, that she used an electronic signature stamp three (3) days before Apostle died to get her name added to the bank accounts signature card. Hmm!
We believe this is criminal. There will be more to come.

2 thoughts on “Legal Update: The City of Praise Congregations Articles Case

  1. We are to Stand on the word of GOD to fulfill the supernatural Deliverance for the congregation…….To GOD Be All The Glory WE SHALL STAND

  2. Remember God knows and is the current and final judge of both parties involved. While God works frim the reslm of glory, you work here on earth where needed with all those people you git meetung every Sunday.Continue to be about the mission of Christ–not just preaching a sermon from the pulpit (wherever you may be); but, mobilize to feed and clothe the needy ( with members volunteering ay places like SOME); ministry to the suck and shut in ( incarcerated–redeeming then and ministry to their families;advocating for human rights); working in schools for building character and life skills). So much more to living tge sermon outside the four walls of a building and a courtroom. Create wsys ti actually serve people–you do not neef a building ti do that; just the people yiy have and a bank account woth them. In due time, restoration– as God willed — will surely come to pass. It is a hard lesson and struggle. Just do and make the court fight secondary (if at all). The money nor the brick and mortar are not what is really at stake here. It is deeper than that.

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