Jericho City Of Praise – Motion To Stay the Court Order is Denied in DC Superior Court

Request deniedcourt case 11On July 7, 2015 the Six Jericho Employee/Members lost their case in the DC Superior Court. They were found to have illegally taken control of the church during a well devised hostile takeover during the long illness and death of Apostle Betty Peebles. On Wednesday July 8, 2015 their lawyers filed a Motion to Stay the courts decision until such time as their appeal was heard. Today, Thursday July 9, 2015 their motion was denied. The full motion is shown below. Pay particular attention to the last paragraph top of page three of the Judges order.Request denied

 It Ain’t Over Until God Says It’s Over – Well God Has Spoken and IT”S OVER

Docket Date_July 8, 20Order DENYING Mot to Stay 115 Order DENYING Mot to Stay 2

Order DENYING Mot to Stay 3

7 thoughts on “Jericho City Of Praise – Motion To Stay the Court Order is Denied in DC Superior Court

  1. Thank God for your wonderful victory in Christ Jesus! They that wait on The Lord shall renew their strength…..etc. god continue to bless pastors Bishop Joel and Ylawnda Peeples and the City of Praise!
    + Charles Doom Jr.

    • I knew this Day was Coming many don’t want to say but I will, The Whammy (plot) didn’t work because nobody can curse what God has blessed. I wish all the Members who helped that Ministry, you know who you are and Joel Peebles I especially say Bless you Man your conduct and behavior was God like and I am sure in Meekness and Wisdom you will act now. I felt like I was a part of this War, too and I feel so that when Jesus opens a door for you, Satan himself cant close it. God bless you and Sis Betty Peebles, and Founder James Peebles who I never knew in the flesh, but I commend them for raising such a good Church

  2. To God be all the glory for the great things He has done. Pastor Joel, my heart bled for you, yet rejoiced in The Lord when I saw how you responded in the midst of such a trial with the heart & mind of Christ. He said “Upon this rock I will build My Church and the gates of hell would prevail against it” (Matthew 16:18). Hallelujah!!! We continue to pray for the whole Body of Christ for healing & reconciliation. Because when one member suffers, the whole Body suffers. I praise God for one of my favorite Scriptures, Isaiah 40:31. It pays to release our problems to God & learn to wait on Him to fix it. Keep the faith & be encouraged, the latter will be greater. Love covers the multitude of sins (I Peter 4:8). You have certainly exhibited the fruit of LOVE in this trial. God bless you.
    Pastor Gladys B Dates (The ARK of New Beginnings Ministries International, Mitchellville, MD)

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