Letter from Membership to the Unelected Board

Below is the letter that we, the congregation, sent to the 6 members of the self appointed, unelected board in regards to our tithes and offerings

One thought on “Letter from Membership to the Unelected Board

  1. i support Pastor Joel R. Pebbles, my pastor, the only one I will sit under at the City of Praise and that is where my money will be going to. I am not supplying money to any illegal board to use as they please, if that is the case, I can use that money myself. I give to the anointed ministry to which I sit under and refuse to sit under or listen to anyone that Pastor Joel has not authorized to speak over the congregation. I also heard Pastor Betty make the statement that Jericho be changed or dropped and be called CITY OF PRAISE, I have been writing that on my checks for tithes and offerings for years now. It is not just hearsay, I heard that myself.

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