Letter from Membership to the Unelected Board

Below is the letter that we, the congregation, sent to the 6 members of the self appointed, unelected board in regards to our tithes and offerings

The Uncut Deposition of Alma Denise Killen




The testimony of Alma Denise Killen, leader of the six rogue employees from the Jericho Baptist Church Ministry suing Pastor Joel Peebles and Chairman William Meadows is now up for viewing.  Alma Denise Killen is very cunning and clever, she has recently received three Pinnocchio awards for this performance.   Get some popcorn and hold on to your seat.

To view the deposition click on the tab that says ”Court Depositions.”


You can also click here to visit the page.


Board brings in a NEW PREACHER?

The six employees of Jericho Baptist Ministires are up to no good. The have the nerve to greet Pastor Joel using the name of God. Please people we have to rally the following is a letter that Pastor Joel received at his home today. God please help us at the City of Praise to get our Church back and let these people flee. PLEASE READ THE WHOLE LETTER. WE HAVE TO GALVANIZE CITY OF PRAISE AND GET THESE PEOPLE OUT OF OUR CHURCH. THEY WANT TO BE DICTATORS. THE ARE NOT OPERATING UNDER THE WILL OF GOD AND WE WILL NOT STAND FOR IT ANY FURTHER!