Unholy, Ungodly, Self-Appointed Rogue board excommunicates long time members

It’s a Shame before God!  Long time born again spirit filled members of the City of Praise were kicked out the week before last.  They were sent letters telling them not to come back to the church and they can not come onto the property.  Long time elders, deacons and members were among those who received letters . This was an attempt to silence those who disagree with them and support Pastor Joel Peebles.

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Letter from Membership to the Unelected Board

Below is the letter that we, the congregation, sent to the 6 members of the self appointed, unelected board in regards to our tithes and offerings

The Uncut Deposition of Alma Denise Killen




The testimony of Alma Denise Killen, leader of the six rogue employees from the Jericho Baptist Church Ministry suing Pastor Joel Peebles and Chairman William Meadows is now up for viewing.  Alma Denise Killen is very cunning and clever, she has recently received three Pinnocchio awards for this performance.   Get some popcorn and hold on to your seat.

To view the deposition click on the tab that says ”Court Depositions.”


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NEW: Members send letter to the managing partners of O’Malley, Miles, Nylen & Gilmore the law firm of the rogue six’s attorney.

A new letter was sent to both the board and to the managing partners of O’Malley, Miles, Nylen & Gilmore the law firm where the rogue six’s attorney works.  Please read the letter under the tab “Letters to The Alleged Board” and respond accordingly. Or click here to get to the page.