Why Are We Called The City of Praise Church?

Many have asked why we call ourselves The City of Praise.  The best person to answer this question is the one who changed the name of the church from Jericho City of Praise to The City of Praise, Apostle Betty P. Peebles

After the death of Elder John Peebles,  Apostle Betty said during a 2005 New Years sermon, that she was changing the name of the church from Jericho City of Praise to The City of Praise.  So, why have these six self-appointed, unholy, ungodly, rogue crooks  who say they are carrying out her wishes refuse to do this?  They fought against it after she died, they refuse to change the signs, they refuse to support the name change.  They claim that they are keeping with her vision.  How?  You be the judge as to who is actually carrying out Apostle’s vision. Apostle Betty and Elder Joel


The Red Hot Facts about the takeover attempt of our church, see the two articles below

                      A Red Hot Inconvenient Truth

         about the Jericho City of Praise Take over attempt


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    Please Join With Us in Prayer – See and Know the Facts

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Pastor Joel’s offer to purchase his mother’s house was rejected by the executors of her estate! Guess who? Michael and DeeDee Freeman

Recently Pastor Joel received a series of e-mails regarding his mother’s house and personal property. First, the trustees of the estate gave Pastor Joel an unreasonable amount of time to come to his mother’s house, to look and see what was there and to arrange to remove any of the personal property (furniture, clothes etc.).  Of course that is if anything was left in the house after the rogue board members allegedly took what they wanted.  After Apostle’s death, it was reported that these rogue board members were seen coming out of the residence loaded with trash bags and boxes of stuff. Hmm!!!

Secondly, Pastor Joel R. Peebles’s offer to purchase his mother’s house was rejected recently.  The personal Representatives/Executor’s (the Freeman’s) would not even show mercy or grace to him (common courtesy).  Come on!  These “Christians” would not afford Pastor Joel and the Peebles family the opportunity to keep the home that they the nieces and nephews spent their childhood and holidays in, to remain in that family.  Wow!!!

Pastor Joel received a letter telling him to come get your mothers stuff before we drop it off to a storage facility.  Pastor Joel has not been allowed in the house up to this point, now you give him just a few days.   SHAME ON YOU!!!

Can you see Christ Jesus anywhere in this decision? We believe that non-christians would have a more christ like response in the same situation. UNBELIEVABLE!!!

Letter from Membership to the Unelected Board

Below is the letter that we, the congregation, sent to the 6 members of the self appointed, unelected board in regards to our tithes and offerings

The Church Lady Blogs tells it like it is…

Jericho City of Praise Update Members create Tell All Website-against Church Staff Hostile Takeover

“So many times, I have to write My Take on the inappropriate actions of a Pastor, this time, however, I have got to take the time to blast the church staff attempted hostile takeover of  both the spiritual and financial leadership of Jericho City Baptist Church.  Based on the staff’s recent court depositions, they  have proven to me that most of what the members are saying is true,  they are, in fact,  operating in the most ungodly manner towards the Shepherd of that house, Joel Peebles.”

To view the article, click the link below.


 Thank you Churchlady blogs, for taking the time to thoroughly research your article before writing it.  

New Deposition added: Gloria Mclam-Magruder

Are you telling the truth, the whole truth??

The testimony of Gloria Mcgruder one of the six rogue employees of the Jericho Baptist Church Ministry suing Pastor Joel Peebles and Chairman William Meadows is now up for viewing. To view the deposition click on the tab that says ” Court Depositions.”

You can also click here to visit the page.